THE DOJO - Aikido Meikakukai


It had been a long way from forming the Hungarian Meikakukiai group to reach the state when our own dedicated place could be used for our trainings. On this road many dear friends and supporters helped us and made it possible to launch our trainings in 2007 and to keep it up since then.

We would like to say thanks to our friend Gergő Juhász (Aikido Arts) for his personal support, for the tatamis and to provide training places and helping in the arrangements of the seminars.

We would like to say thanks to Zoltán Makó (Syoshin Aikido) also for providing training place and for the personal support during the years.

We would also like to say thanks to István Jurecz, who provided a place to our regular trainings for a long time!
Big thanks for all of them!

The year of 2014 was a big step to our raining group, the group of the Hungarian Meikakukai. With the help of our supporters and friends the year of 2014 brought the time for us, when our own dojo gives place for our trainings (keiko-s). The gym (dojo) is situated in the street between the two Mammut shopping malls in the pedestrian area.

The design and style of the place meant to follow the style of the main dojo that was founded by Maekawa Sensei, and for this reason we tried to make a Japanese style dojo in the Hungarian environment.

Now it is only on us how we can use this opportunity for our development and improvement. The place for the trainings is given. The endurance and hardworking to be added is our own task.

Every interested people is welcome at the new place!